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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

simple style...and a jazzy ride down memory lane

 shoes: cato brand. shorts: banana republic. shirt: j.crew. necklace: forever21. watch: citizen brand. pin: don't recall.

I play the piano. Did any of you know that? I used to be quite good. Not to brag [Editor's note: A preface which is unfailingly, 100%, and always followed by a statement of boast.], but I really was talented back in my teens. Won a few medals, one of which was of a golden hue.

Convinced? No? Dah well. Regardless, I had a few minutes to myself this afternoon and spent them running through some of my old music books on the piano.

(Sure, I had laundry and dishes and grocery shopping and cleaning and a zillion other things I should've been doing. But sometimes a girl feels like being rebellious. My internal rebel just happens to pound out classical music. A sohpisticated rule-breaker. Like how I envision Ms. Zeta-Jones to be.) (Because there are soooo many things she and I have in common...)

*ahem* ANYway. My piano teacher would always write the date I started learning songs at the top of the music page. I died today when I noticed one of them, on a very technical and challenging piece, was 1994. That, my dears, is SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO.

I still think I'm like 18 years old, so you can understand my jaw-dropping flabbergastic...ness. So. Be kind to this old woman. I'll probably be that lady going 18 MPH on the freeway, like, tomorrow. Oooh, but want to know what else happens tomorrow? A major hair change. Something fitting for my newly discovered old age. Like a tight perm and a bluish tint. Maybe. You'll just have to wait and see.

Happy Wednesday, you young whippersnappers.

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