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Thursday, August 18, 2011

stripes, glorious stripes

Not to be all throw-myself-in-front-of-the-bandwagon-so-that-it-slows-down-enough-for-me-to-jump-on or anything, but...I love stripes in fashion. Loooooove them. They're neutral(ish), bold, interesting, mixable, flattering, whimsical, and sophisticated all rolled into one. And the last time THAT has been achieved was when my older sister made herself a long cardigan out of brightly-colored newspaper-print jersey knit in 1988.

She was the cat's meow, people. I'm telling you. My 7-year-old memory wouldn't lie.

So. Stripes. In case you missed it or I didn't make myself clear: I love them.

What about you all? Is there a particular pattern you love? Or, better yet, one you particularly loathe?

Check out the striped stuff below to inspire you--all beautiful and comfortable and awesome.

1 comment:

M.R. said...

I love stripes too! And polka dots, stars, and bows!


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