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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Unexpected & Maybe Awesome Guest Post Series: Brandilyn from Cats & Cardigans

Hey, Day in the Life-ers!  So excited to be hanging out with you here today.  I'm Brandilyn, and I blog over at Cats & Cardigans about my simple personal style and life as a recent college graduate and boutique owner.  So very nice to meet you!

I've totally got something unexpected and maybe awesome to share with you today.  It's my favorite ways to make a modest skirt because, honestly, those guys are tricky to find.
I started with a flowy tube top with elastic lined throughout the top, like this one from Forever 21:

(Please excuse my closed eyes. It was a bright day and this, sadly, was the best picture that came of that shoot) ...and I just yanked that bad boy down to my hips.

BAM!  It's a skirt! I'll bet you totally didn't see that one coming, huh? 

I also think (and this is just a guess, because I have yet to join the ranks of stylish mommas everywhere) that this would be a comfy option for any pregnant ladies out there.  I can only imagine how uncomfortable that summer heat must be, and how nice a stretchy-banded skirt would feel on a growing tummy.  

Now go have fun turning your tube tops into skirts!

[Thanks, Brandilyn! This is sheer genius! I'm now on the shopping hunt for something I've never thought to look for before...the perfect tube top, slash, skirt. Everyone go check out (and follow, if you're not already) her blog!]

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