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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I love shoes because they fit when nothing else does.

This is what I wore today, blah blah blah.
 shoes: converse. pants & hoodie: gap. shirt: duo maternity.
Anyone who uses the word "blah" in the first sentence of a style blog post (and then repeats it twice more) probably shouldn't be writing a post at all. And yet, here I am. And here you are. For what reason is a mystery to me, but my grandmother always told me to seize opportunities, so I will.

[Editor's note: Actually, she rarely told me that. Her words of wisdom were more like, "here's $20, why don't you go get us something yummy at KFC," and "you're my favorite grandchild." She was awesome. And KFC is, on occasion, delicious.]


Despite the randomness of a hoodie and button-up combo (not to mention the chucks and khakis...shhh, there there), may I still brag about my tummy-toting self for a moment? Today's lengthy to-do list is all but finished (and I didn't even cheat and include stuff like "roll out of bed" and "put on deodorant" for once), I have a dinner idea and ingreds, and I finished the sudoku in today's paper even though my pencil was really dull and I couldn't find a sharpener.

PLUS I didn't say something snarky to the guy at the grocery store who s.t.a.r.e.d. at my belly during an awkward shopping cart approach-and-pass. Let's be proud.

Happy Tuesday.

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