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Friday, February 17, 2012

i have (a) big belly & i cannot lie. you other mothers can't deny...

shoes: american eagle outfitters. maternity flare jeans: gap. cardigan: j.crew. flower clip: downeast basics.

You can't really tell in these photos, but my shirt here is a light lavendar. Ish. Which I think is super pretty paired with a mossy olive green. It's like, in nature, when you find a rare light-lavendarish butterfly perched atop a, um, mossy olive green rock. It doesn't stop there. How about spying a light-lavendarish flower growing out of a patch of mossy olive green shrubbery? Bingo. Samesies.

And if you're impressed with my command of the English language in description and titlage, well, what can I say. I kind of excel at that kind of thing. Like when I made mac & cheese for dinner one time but, in a fit of genius, proclaimed it to be "cheesy pasta" so that my son (who doesn't love mac&cheese) would actually eat it.

Stick around, kids. You can't fake this kind of ingenuity.

Happy Friday.

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