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Thursday, February 16, 2012


The jumping-off point for today's outfit was anything that would cover up this lovely giraffe-head tattoo that my toddler positioned on and adhered to my forearm.
 I have a tree frog tattoo on the back of my hand, too, which is equally awesome. But I'm fresh out of fingerless gloves, so that'll have to just be visible to the world.
 And by "the world," I of course mean my toddler...who put the dang tatts there anyway.
 On an unrelated note, have I told you lately how much I love my Clarks shoes? I have? Redundantly and many times over? Oh.

(*awkward pause*)

shoes: clarks. maternity skinny jeans: old navy. long-sleeved maternity tee & hoodie: gap.

For those of you style-savvy readers, this post is the yang to your yin. Meaning I prob couldn't have come up with a less-inspiring ensemble if I'd lain awake all night trying. Which is a feat deserving of some kind of award. Or respect. How 'bout a pitying half-smile...?

But some days are meant to be lived out contentedly in a hoodie and comfy jeans. My overworked washer and dryer couldn't agree more. Those guys only WISH they had a comfortable coral hoodie to fit over their square bods.
Wow. This post mirrors the outfit. Maybe I should start all over with an ensemble (and, thus, text) that highlights, rather than hides, the tattoos. Just think where our lives would be then. I'd probably be wearing a bright floral dress and boarding a cruise ship to the Virgin Islands. You, though, would probably still be ready to click away from this blog. Dang.

Happy Thursday.

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