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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

knee-length dress no matter where the belt's placed

I'm on the fence about wearing a belt at this stage in the pregnancy game.
 I've long since jumped a different fence and have run waddled a mile up the nearby hill, though, about turquoise jewelry. Love it. Amen.

boots: kohl's. slip: a slip shop. linen dress: paris, france. cardigan: j.crew. belt & necklace: forever21.

I know. My hair here is, like, 2 generational inches shy of beehivehood. All I can think about when I see these photos is that one Seinfeld episode where the lady physical therapist has "old-fashioned" hair, and everyone makes fun of it except Kramer, who totally encourages her to keep it that way. I think I might be that girl, 'cept without the medical training. Or Kramer.

I learned that heeled shoes aren't that fun to wear for 4 hours when one's body is off-balance. But what IS fun is hiding some snags in the knees of one's tights with an exposed slip. It's like a little game with the universe in which, at any given moment, you're totally winning. Which, in turn, is comparable to eating the en.ti.re. box of chocolates in one sitting so that you won't be tempted by them later. Hah! Joke's on you, Cosmos.

Happy Wednesday.

p.s. For those of you tired of and/or unable to relate to a maternity-centered style blog, I promise I will post soon about some projects I'm working on. In the meantime...belly's up.

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