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Saturday, February 4, 2012

super easy valentine decor activity

Raise your hand if you love surfing the cyberwaves for inspiration and good ideas.

(Forgive me if the going is slow from here on out...hard to type with just one hand...)

Raise your other hand if doing so, on occasion, gets you a little discouraged with the overload of possibilities and, consequently, you end up doing nothing. Nothing at all 'cept heading to the fridge for something cold and delicious. Like pudding. Mmmmm...pudding...

Actually, put your hands down; that's just getting awkward for everybody.

Enter: the Super Awesome Hanging Valentine Window Craft (patent pending), guaranteed to underwhelm. Takes 20 minutes, is completely free, and rocks the neighborhood.* 

Step 1: Draw hearts and/or other Valentine-y stuff on flattened coffee filters (we also use the filters for disposable popcorn bowls for family movie nights).

Step 2: Let your kids color said hearts until you have enough. We did 20.

Step 3: Tape colored coffee filters onto fishing line or floss or some smallish thread that's been pre-cut to run the height of your window.

Step 4: Tape the top of your line onto the top of your window moulding. (Tip: Using painter's tape makes husbands happy.)

Step 5: Tape the bottom of the line under the windowsill.

Step 6: Repeat for as many strands as you have.

Annnnnd...you're done. Easiest project ever.

Happy Valentine's Day season. Are you feeling underwhelmed yet? Good. Then my job here is done.

*Disclaimer: I use the terms "rocks" and "neighborhood" verrrrry loosely. And by "loosely" I of course mean "not necessarily true." Which also translates to "total lie." 

Happy Saturday. 

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