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Saturday, February 11, 2012

valentines decorating with kids

Valentine's Day is all about candy. And not just the sugar-coated corn-syrupy stuff. I'm talking eye candy. So many things people can do to make their surroundings beautiful and sweet and all things lovely and lovey. Such as:

photo: efrandesigns

photo: hgtv

This year I turned the reins over to my kidlets for decorating our house for Valentine's Day. Just wanted to see what would happen. What happened, and continues to happen everytime I look around me: happiness at kid-dom. And some laughter. 

Exhibit A: Non-color-scheme flowers and a nearly empty candy dish. (I must admit slight disappointment that the bottles are in the correct order. Don't you think "U heart I" would've been better? Dah well. Maybe next year.)

Exhibit B: Our handmade felt "cookies" lined up against the verrrrrrry back wall between some shelves.

Exhibit C: A heart-shaped hot pad hanging (festively? one must assume) on the fireplace. Alone.

Exhibit D: An impromptu snowflake-style heart (which looks suspiciously like a buffalo skull or some creature out of Star Wars) taped prominently to the living room wall. Welcome, esteemed guests.

Exhibit E: Nearly-backwards-facing hanging heart.

 Exhibit F: Simple, individually decorated brown bags for our family Valentine's mailboxes. Note the sticker remnants on my 7-year-old son's. A typical get-this-over-with-quick boy. (Just like his dad...see far right example.)

I think this kids-decorate-for-V-Day might be a new tradition around here. The results are priceless. And I guess I can always turn to pinterest and the bloggy world for eye candy, anyway.

Happy Friday.

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