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Friday, February 10, 2012

on stripes and curls and lip gloss

cowl sweater: gap maternity. 

I curled my hair and am wearing a fancy cowl sweater today. And by "fancy" I of course mean: it's striped with pretty colors and has just a little bit of pilling. Like 15%. Which, for my maternity-stricken money, means it's nearly brand new.

Unfortunately, in my hair-tossing, sweater-touting strut on the kitchen-sink-to-breakfast-table-and-back-again catwalk of my life this morning, I forgot to put on lip gloss. Not even a hint of cherry-flavored chapstick. The poor dust-bunnies hanging out around here are averting their eyes from my pale lips every time I walk by. 'Til I appease them by tossing some lint balls from my nearly new cowl. Then they're happy because, hey, that lint is fancy.

Happy Friday.

other striped cowl stuff (maternity & regular):

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