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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

for a best friend, I'd take a diamond over a dog any day

(Beware: This post exhibits some seriously beautiful jewelry. It might even result in your ignoring your toddler's pleas for a sippy refill, or drooling on your keyboard and causing a shortage. I take no responsibility for either scenario. Consider yourself warned.)

Maybe it's because love is in the air this month, maybe it's because I live with two accessory-obsessed little ladies, or maybe it's because I myself am a double-X-chromosome-toting human being...but I'm especially loving jewelry lately. 'Specially diamonds and diamond studs.  

Swoon over these elegant diamond hoop earrings from Anjolee jewelry:
Annnnd Anjolee's simple yet stunning solitaire teardrops:

And these classic diamond stud earrings (I'm partial to the square cut...):
(...although this diamond stud set is GORGEOUS):
I know, right? So crisp and classy and beautiful. But Anjolee doesn't stop at breath-taking earrings...they've got bracelets, rings, and necklaces and pendants as well. All gorgeous.

I'm particularly fond of this vintage-inspired diamond bracelet:
 You guys, there's so much stuff to love over there. It's crazy. But here's the crazy genius part -- they let you customize your own jewelry.

[Editor's note: This isn't exactly on the same level of customization as, say, choosing whether the blue or silver boondoggle would look best with the neon orange plastic beads at the summer camp Arts & Crafts table. Just sayin'.] Even with an awesome selection already, Anjolee lets YOU choose metal type, carat weight, quality of diamond, and gemstone (where applicable). 

Which might seem a little intimidating, but the website is super easy to use. Plus, hello, accessory eye candy at every turn.

You can literally create the perfect bejeweled specimen on your computer, tailored to your own tastes and budget. I played around with this feature on Anjolee's website for an embarrassing amount of time. (Translation: Dinner around here ended up being apple slices served with chili from a can. No lie.)

And you'll be happy to know that I've strategized a major win-win scenario that goes a little something like this: I create a perfect piece of jewelry on Anjolee's site and then show it to my husband, who buys it secretly. He is gleeful because I've just taken the guesswork out of his gift-giving, and I get to flaunt the beautiful stuff. Plus, he gets credit for giving the perfect gift. BAM.

Happy Valentine's Month indeed.

(Note: This is an Anjolee sponsored post; the opinions expressed are my own.)

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