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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

what you see just might be what you get

boots: target. jeans: old navy. shirt: gap. sweater: motherhood maternity. earrings: gift.

I've decided something, and I'm clinging to it like a survivor to a liferaft. A college lit major to Shakespeare. An athlete to electrolyte-replenishing fluids. A macaroni noodle to cheese. 

What I'm clinging to is: joy comes in the details. This applies to life, to my relationships, to my goals, to what I'm wearing these days. For example: in the photo above, you might see a tired lady (check) in a worn grey cardigan (check) and some old boots (check). 

But you couldn't have noticed this sweet print of the shirt (my current fave): 

or these go-with-everything turquoise earrings (also my current fave):

It's these details that make me happy today. Supplemented, perhaps, by the three snickerdoodles I've consumed this morning. (And to think I'm surprised when my doctor mentions I've put on a bit of weight over the past four weeks.) No worries, though, because...have you seen my earrings, doc? 

Happy Tuesday.

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