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Friday, October 11, 2013

Oh, this old thing? Just a little lumberjack-chic...

Yesterday our whole family got flu shots. And/or flu mist. Myself, I toughed it out and got the shot... and then flaunted said toughness for the rest of the day with a blue cupcake bandaid on my arm.
 shoes: Clarks Desert Boot
jeans: American Eagle Outfitters
striped boatneck shirt: American Eagle Outfitters
vest: Gap

Speaking of proactive health: I don't have an exercise routine, per se. I squeeze it in each day when I can. Which means that, some days, I don't shower until noon. Or night.
Today's looking like a 9-p.m.-shower kind of day. Which, apparently, means dressing like a lumberjack and letting loose the lion's mane of hair in the interim. I often wonder what other women/moms do when they sincerely don't a) have time or b) want to do their hair.
Me? I throw it in a side pony and embrace the Lady Lumberjack within. Or without.
Happy Friday.
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Everday Fashion said...

Love the title! I felt like a lumberjack in my plaid shirt the other day.
xo, Lee

Sherry said...

I love your lumberjack chic outfit! So cute!!!

Brittney said...

@Lee - Plaid is perfection, for lumberjacks and everyone else. Especially in the Fall!
@Sherry - Thank you! It's the uniform of an unshowered-mom-with-errands-yet-to-run. :)

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