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Monday, October 14, 2013

it may be real boring, but at least it's real

In my former life on this blog (as in, prior to my recent 2-year hiatus), I found myself altering my true style for the blog.
 boots: Target
jeans: American Eagle
shirtdress: hand-me-down
floral coat: Old Navy
I used to (subconsciously, I think, but still) add in all sorts of accessories and stuff just to make an outfit more photographically interesting than what I really wanted to wear.

 I think it's a combination of old age, self-discovery, integrity, and sheer laziness that helped me learn what my true style is now. In a word, it's simple.
Like it or not, what you see here now is completely what you get. Even if it's an outfit full of solid neutral chunks and wet shower-hair.
But this Mary Poppins carpet-bag of a canvas trench coat? This baby is real. I adore it.
Happy Monday.
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