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Thursday, October 17, 2013

old lady in braids: to trust or not to trust? that is the question

I read somewhere once that women over 30 shouldn't wear braids unless they were stylishly loose and messy.
 shoes: Converse
jeans: Kohl's
cobalt v-neck tee: J. Crew
pastel striped cardigan: Gap
green skinny belt: J. Crew
Which is like a chicken-and-egg scenario, at least for me, because, hi. My hair is at the disposal of my 18-month-old all day, and believe me...
...she pulls my hair Loose often and with ease, and Messy is her middle name. Practically.
So the lesson I think we can all take away is: if you're older than 30, just hang out with an almost-toddler to keep yourself totally young and hip. Which is absolutely true if by "young and hip," you understand that I actually mean "slightly unkempt and exhausted."
But the tradeoff? Worth it. Absolutely.
Happy Thursday.
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Bethany C said...

I love this pastel colored look for fall, so pretty! Thanks for sharing your look with Three-fer Thursday :)

xo Bethany

Brittney said...

@Bethany: Thank you! I love pastels any old time, for sure.

Gina G said...

You are such a cute little Momma! Love your style, happy I found your blog~~

Anonymous said...

nice outfit :)
Do you always wear your Converse with untied shoelaces? :)

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