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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tweed Jacket & Topknot Bun

"Dear The Gazillions of Maple Leaves In My Front Yard,
"I'm sorry my kids and I spent all day Saturday raking you up into a large family leaf reunion pile, only to go running and jumping into you.
 ballet flats: J. Crew
bootcut jeans: Big Star
white V-neck tee: American Eagle Outfitters
scarf: gift
tween jacket: gift/vintage (Talbots)
"As you most likely are aware, we played with reckless abandon in your leaf piles for hours. We probably squashed many of your cousins and dismembered most of your aunts and uncles in the process. For that, I apologize.
"But my children had so much fun that I can't promise we'll never rake you guys up and do it again. In fact, there are so dang many of you guys still falling that I don't know if we'll ever see the grass in our yard again, even if I spend the next solid week raking and raking and back-break-raking.
"I originally intended this letter to be a thank you and an apology and a bit of an Ode to Leaves in the Fall, but I've all of a sudden turned kind of passive-aggressive toward the sheer infinite quantities of you guys in my yard. And in my bed, because my kids came inside after playing and laid on my bed and left millions of leaf bits ev.ery.where. (I'm sorry if that image pains you.) You're in my furniture, on my floors, in the bathtub, on my rugs. It's never ending.
"So. Out. Get OUT. Make like a tree and leaf. (pleaseandthankyou)
"Love, Brittney"
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