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Friday, January 14, 2011

sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy

The sun's out today. First time in weeks...months...maybe years? Yeah, probably years. And I'm eating it up, every last ray. Hence the crouching and squinty-eyed smiles. Totally worth it.
 shoes: unionbay brand. pants: banana republic. belt & necklace: don't recall. shirt: f21. watch: citizen brand.

So, here's the thing. And it's going to probably sound odd. But. I'm totally discovering myself through doing this blog. My sense of personal style is slooooooooowly shifting to a more cohesive, manageable mass. It's nothing defineable, not yet, but as I plan outfits and get dressed and take photos and (over)analyze what I look like, I'm discovering what is and is not the true "me." Unfortunately, the True Me is proving to be a rebel. An expensive, peanut m&m-consuming rebel. Yet I can't help but adore her. 

I've been a clearance-bargain junkie my whole life. As a result, I too often end up with stuff that I don't need, fit, or even like, simply because it was cheap. And my closet, bursting in a rainbow of randomness (not a happy sparkly rainbo-brite rainbow, either...more like a scary drug-induced psychadelic one) (so I've heard. or imagined? read about? hooo boy. digging...digging...), is the sad result.

So. No more. I'm not buying things just because they're on sale anymore. Neither will I pass up an item that I love and that totally works just because it's not on sale. And I'm slowly working to transform my closet into just that -- my closet. Indivisible. With liberty and justice for all. (Feel like putting your hand over your heart with this solemn pledge? Me too. But that makes it hard to type.)

I love today's chocolate linen pants. And this shirt. I've never worn them together, but I like it (I'm a sucker for a blue/brown combo). There. Totally simple, totally done.

...Except I needed a belt. Just one.
...Then I wanted a necklace. Just one.
...THEN when I was headed out the door my watch jumped onto my wrist and clasped itself, so I sighed in resignation and checked the time. It was time to make cookies with my girls. I may or may not have eaten 7 or 12 of them. Guess. 

Happy Friday. 

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Ashley J said...

You are cracking me up with your "put your hand over your heart" talk. The sun is finally shining here today too, thank goodness. Love the blue and brown combo and have a fabulous weekend!

Katri said...

you make me smile :) and peanut m&ms are addicting!!!

Sara K.S. Hanks said...

I, too, am using style blogging to evolve from my clearance-bargain junkie ways! Having been raised by a cheapskate mom (whom I love, but, also, whose closet is tooooooo full), I definitely have a track record of buying things that were cheap, even if I only mildly liked them. Time for a change! =) I love your approach and am inspired to salute the flag of better shopping as well. PLEDGE!

(Sidenote: really digging that particular shirt/pants combo.)

val said...

you have totally come into your own. have i already said that in a comment? i meant to if i haven't already. also, i'm not really sure what that means but i do know you have a knack for this and you've blossomed while doing it. that doesn't really quite explain either cause it's not like you were un-blossomed before. meh. what am i saying?
this is fun. you enjoy. we enjoy. keep it up.
als...i'm totally a sale junkie. in fact, if it's $10 or less i have a hard time stopping myself from buying it. although i haven't purchased many clothes these days (i'm on a home decor phase and tj maxx calls to me ALL.THE.TIME.) i do understand what you're saying...BUT i've never really spent REAL money on clothes either. i do remember back in the day when i would spend real money for "express jeans" or something gap was considered very high end for me. i would love to experience quality over quantity...maybe someday. for now, i'm afraid i'm just too cheap. *tear*
oh and ps. where are you getting this f21 stuff? do they have one in loges? pps. matt will graduate in the spring. we're coming to walk...i WILL see you.

Viktoria with a K said...

I love your brown pants! I rarely see anyone wearing brown pants anymore... I like it. Good luck not buying anything :)

Elissa said...

I love your combination of chambray and brown. Makes me want to try it out myself!

I completely understand the draw to buy when something's on clearance. I don't think I've ever, ever paid full retail price for anything. I love the thrill of the markdown, knowing that some poor schmuck is buying the exact same thing as me but paying much, much more. That excites me. I do agree that it's a very slippery slope from buying something you need that happens to be on clearance, to something you merely want because it's on clearance. Most people would have a difficult time noticing the difference.

Kudos to you for pledging not to buy because something's on sale! I'm tempted to join you. Maybe. We'll see.


kimmie said...

I'm a total clearance bargain junkie too. I need to be more like you, buying only what I really want or need and not because it's on sale or not on sale. SO HARD THOUGH, when there's $2 shirts just screaming "BUY ME BUY ME!!"

heidiluxe said...

solidarity sister! if it's purchased it needs to be LOVE! or at least you want to make out with it in the backseat of a car more than once.

Modest Fashion Sense said...

Love love love that shirt! Way cute :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the blue and brown together!

Another clearance/bargain shopper here, and yes, I have a closet full of stuff that doesn't quite fit or look good. :( I think I definitely need to take an oath or something...

RaeLynn said...


Andrea said...

yup. clearance. all the way. darn frugal upbringing.

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