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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guest Post: Melissa on Keeping it Profesh...AND Cool (great tips!)

[Editor's note: Hey guys! I'm on vacation with my family (destination hint here). Although I'm unable to post right now, some of my most favorite stylish, intelligent, and entertaining bloggers have graciously agreed to guest post. You won't be disappointed...'cept maybe when I get back into town...]

Today's guest poster is the stylish professional Melissa from A Working Mom's Closet, and I love: her down-to-earth style considerations and tips, her totally obvious love for her daughter, her sincere interest in other people's insights and opinions, her fabulous work-appropriate creative personal style. Thanks for posting today, Melissa! This kind of makes me want to live in Florida...could you get me one of those sip-lemonade-by-the-pool deals? Thanks a mil.  

Hi everyone! I’m Melissa from A Working Mom’s Closet. When Brittney asked if I would guest post for her, my first thought was YAY! My second thought was “Um...but what do I say?”

{If you want to know a secret, part of the reason I started a style blog is because as much as I wanted to write a mommy blog, I couldn’t come up with anything to talk about. So I figured I would post pictures of my work outfits and call it a blog. It’s working so far. Until someone asks me to guest post and I break out in hives because you want me to come up with CONTENT?
And for a blog written by someone as cute and funny and interesting as Brittney?

Oh, the pressure.}

Since I am a working mom (clearly I’m not all that creative in the blog title area), and I live in Florida where it’s HOT pretty much all year long, I decided to talk about how to dress for work when you’d really rather be outside sipping drinks by the pool. Here are some of my favorite warm weather options.

Dresses: Personally, I find dresses to be the most flattering of all pieces. Pants, slacks, and jeans (don’t ask me what the difference is between pants and slacks, but I’m sure there is one) have their place in the world when it’s cold, but I don’t like how they encase each of my legs; I feel like my thighs end up looking huge when they’re defined that way. Dresses are easy and breezy, they’re one piece (usually) and can be found in a variety of sleeve options. Not to mention the fact that they can be worn across multiple seasons if you just layer on a sweater and add some tights!

Short-sleeved Blazers: Let’s face it; blazers are power pieces and they’re not going away. I don’t even want them to go away, I like them! But wearing a wool skirt suit in 90 degree weather is not an option. Enter the short-sleeved blazer! They’re so versatile and come in tons of bright colors to add some fun to an otherwise boring black suit, plus you can throw them over a tee to dress up a weekend outfit, too.

Tanks: Don’t get me wrong - I am NOT saying that tank tops by themselves are office-appropriate. Because they’re not. However...when worn underneath one of the aforementioned short-sleeved blazers, they can keep you cool and comfortable while looking just as polished as any other type of shirt underneath a blazer.

Up-dos: I’ll be honest; my hair is usually left down. Because I’m lazy. However, if I had more time, energy and creativity, I would absolutely style my hair up. Up-dos have an air of professionalism to them and can help keep your face and neck cooled off as well.

Cardigans: These are similar to blazers in that they add polish to outfits and many are made with short sleeves to keep you cool, too. They’re also great for those chilly board meeting rooms!
There you have it! Those are my recommendations for how to maintain professionalism and modesty even during those sweltering summer months.

Do you have any tips or tricks that I didn’t think about?

Thanks Brittney for letting me take over your blog for a post! It’s been fun! Next time I’ll bring cookies.

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