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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

stripes & plaid & a bit o' turquoise

  Once upon a time, I was pretty good at rhyming. I wrote insightful, lengthy, and often cleverly humorous poems. Today is not that day, as I finished my breakfast bagel mid-photo shoot and came up with this:
shoes & necklace: forever21. skirt: american eagle. shirt: gap. bracelet & earrings: hawaii.
I'm tired today, you guys. We've had lots and lots of face-time with Mr. Golden Sun lately. Which is 75% glorious, 10% "I really should be cleaning my house", and whatever-percentage-is-left-over split among the following:
(1) a peeling nose and hairline.
(2) makes me sweat and thereby smell like...what's the word...oh, right, sweat.
(addendum to 2) don't some people maintain that girls don't sweat, they "glow"? Liars.  
(3) tired. Srsly, I think my body needs 4 hours of nap per 1 hour of direct sunshine. Which means...welp, g'night.

I wish I could say the sun makes me hungry, too, and that would explain my recent tripling of appetite. But, unforch, I think the golden orb has nothing to do with that. Maybe I'll try blaming it on the moon and lunar tides and stuff instead. The ocean's only about 1000 miles away from where I live, y'know. Which is, like, an inch in the grand scheme of things.

Then it's settled. Just like the large bowl of ice cream in my belly.

Happy Wednesday.

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