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Thursday, June 23, 2011

on math and other things to cry about

 shoes: cato brand. cropped pants: gap. shirt: j.crew. bracelet: downeast basics. earrings: hawaii.

I made my 6-year-old do some math this morning. He hates the pressure of being timed, though, so instead of doing it on a math website, I wrote out some problems for him to do on paper. (Bonus: He has to write out the answers, thereby making him practice penmanship as well. Boom goes the dynamite.)

He spent probably an hour complaining about how they're all too hard to do [Editor's note: They weren't.], how he didn't know any of the answers [Editor's note: He did.], how carnivores eat other herbivores and other smaller carnivores [Editor's note: Oh. Okay.], and how he would never ever get it finished in time to go to his friend's house [Editor's note: Seemed to be true.].

Then his sister got home from summer school and he did them all real quick.

Fast-foward to me, right now: I have exactly 13 minutes to be off the computer and start deep-cleaning my son's room while he's gone. Unfortunately, I, too, loathe "timed" assignments, especially when I've nothing of (a) value, (b) humor, or (c) interest to say. 

The best I can come up with? This: my skull is apparently the weirdest shape in humankind, because whenever I wear sashes as headbands, they slowly creep their way toward the back of my sideways-cone-shaped head and then fall off. Don't get me wrong--this headshape would be indisputably awesome for aerodynamicy, if I were an airplane. Less awesome, though, to be the object of "look-at-that-chick-with-a-ropey-thing-hanging-awkwardly-down-her-back-while-her-hair-frizzes-out-all-over."

Either way... Happy Thursday.

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