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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

on sunburn and psyche

 shoes: converse brand. leggings: don't recall (maybe old navy?). skirt & vest: thrifted. shirt j.crew. hairclip: downeast basics. necklace: handmade gift. watch: gift (citizen brand).
My daughter couldn't decide which bracelet of mine to wear this morning...so she wore them all. There's a lesson in there somewhere, don't you think? (p.s. Enlarge the photo below to check her face(s) out. Priceless.)
I have a peeling sunburn on my nose and the top of my forehead at my hairline. That's right. Super classy dandruff-lady, comin' through. Is it weird that I kinda planned this hodge-podge ensemble around that? Dandruff? I wanted to wear something that says, "hey, I'm actually a fairly hygienic person [minus flossing], but I'm sporting some scalp flakeage right now, so instead of stressing about something that will go away on its own in a day or two, I'll just dress all random like I'm super laid-back and you'll think I'm the outdoorsy type, in which case said peeling sunburn totally makes sense and actually makes me look kinda cool and approachable."

I think I nailed it. The "dress all random" part, anyway. Polka dot skirt with vest and baseball henley? Yeah baby. Definitely random.

Speaking of...My husband said, "yeah baby" to me the other day, which nearly caused our 2-year-old to have a pint-sized heart attack. "Dad! Mom is not yoi BABY! She's mom!" I think I'm getting old.

Happy Tuesday.

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1 comment:

Kristen said...

Your daughter is so cute!! I don't blame her for wanting to wear all your pretty bracelets!

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