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Monday, July 11, 2011

SOMEtimes, though, it just might be better never than late...

I'm sniffing the plethora of flowers in the photo below. Now, knowing what I do about what my face looks like when I do this, I may never catch a floral aroma again. You're welcome, casual observers who inhabit the world.

 shoes: forever21. pants: gap. shirt: j.crew. bracelet & earrings: hawaii. necklace: don't recall. flower hair clip: downeast basics.
So I have a million and one excuses, guys, for not posting for a few days. All of which require 18 minutes' worth of back-information, beginning with "I was born on a cold December day..." I'll spare you all and blame it on Blogger instead. Deal? (Answer: I see your deal and raise you a sympathetic nod.)

I know it's Sunday today, and I was clothed for church (*phew*). Funny story [Editor's note: I should never preface a story like that. It only gets expectations waaaay too high. I should've simply said "A story" or even just started into the recall with no preamble of all. I realize this, yet I trudge on bravely regardless. I know. So brave.]:

I work with the children at my church, teaching them songs and stuff. One of the visual aids I was using had a mom paper doll that my 5-year-old had colored for me. She (the mom) happened to have green hair. Fine, whatever, I love color and creativity, so that's just great. A cute 7-year-old at church chose the mom paper doll from the pile and replied, all adult-like, "She must be a mom of our times." Oh, must she? Because, apparently, all the cool moms have green hair.

On an unrelated note, I don't know if I'll be taking photos of my head/hair anymore. And also, I have no idea what happened to all the green food coloring...

Happy Sunday!

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