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Sunday, July 17, 2011

three blind mice.

 shoes: saltwater sandals. dress: somewhere in paris, france. shirt (with sash): downeast basics. bracelet: hawaii.
 I figured there were three different ways I could've gone with the sash placement: (1) low on hips.
 (2) at my waist.
 (3) empire waist-style.
What look do you like best? I wore #3 (empire waist) before I saw the pics...would you have agreed with me or recommended something different?
(p.s. I know the shoes are a little off here...but I had just run a race the day before that resulted in blisters on my toes in poorly placed spots, and these were literally the only shoes I could handle for the day. So. Survival of the fittest.)

This week I'm grateful for:

- my parents, coming to stay and play for a few days.
- beachside property.
- a body that's able to run a half marathon after 2-3 spotty hours of sleep, which incidentally at one point involved a toddler sleeping perpendicular between my husband and me.
- swim skirts.
- fresh produce.
- family! friends! being friends with family! (whut the exclamation points)
- a flood-free week. yessssssss...
- when my kids sleep in.
- gut laughs.
- tantrums in the making that miraculously get deflated and avoided.
- fresh salsa.

Happy Sunday.

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