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Friday, July 15, 2011

a proponent of the maxi dress and, you guessed it, cilantro.

 shoes: don't recall (like, 20 years old. srsly). dress: forever21. necklace: gift. bracelet: burntsiena designs.

Several of you have asked me to make my photos larger. Because I'm super awesome and accommodating (yep), I'm giving this new photo format a shot, and we'll see how it goes. I figure there are pros and cons to everything, and this is no exception. 
Pros: You can see me and my outfits better.
Cons: You can see me and my outfits better. Hmmm...

Today is Modly Chic's Friend Friday! Today's topic is: labels.

1. As someone who writes/blogs about fashion, have you placed yourself into some sort of blogging category? Yes, I think so. The purpose of this little blog is to document my style decisions (okay, fine, and rant about random stuff). Sometimes I add a HomeStyle post or two, but by and large, people coming to this blog know what to expect: Me. Kinda crazy. But dressed. 

2. What keeps you from or encourages you to label yourself as a certain kind of blogger? I like to know, in general, what I'm getting into when I click onto a site/blog. I assume others feel the same way, so I'm fine to label this blog as a "style" or "fashion" blog...annnnd because I couldn't find the category "lame & random" anywhere. Plan B it is.

3. When picking blogs to read and follow are you drawn to ones that indicate a certain group or way of thinking/being? Yes and no. I enjoy reading about things/people I can relate to or have experience with (for example, I like reading blogs of other moms and also modest style blogs). But I also enjoy (equally, oddly enough) blogs in which, at least on the surface, I don't have lots in common with the author. In general, though, I'm ultimately drawn to blogs that make me laugh and/or think. But not both at the same time, usually, because that's kinda like having milk come out my nose. Hurts.

4. Do you think there are benefits in labeling yourself or others? Sure. It can be helpful and useful.

5. Agree or Disagree - We're all just people; we don't need all the labels. Okay, now I'm worried that I've approached this topic the "wrong" way...but I honestly don't have hangups about blogging labels. Sure, there's more than meets the eye in everything, and there's no one label that fully encompasses any item ('cept for sweet pickles, and the appropriate label would be: "disgusting"). I think we all need to approach and add labels with caution, but I do believe they help the organized world go round.

That, and cilantro. Mmmmmm...

Happy Friday!

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