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Monday, August 22, 2011

we all live in a greenish-blue submarine...

 sandals: don't recall. skirt: gap. shirt: gift. watch: target.

So, solids & color-blocking are hot now. Which is great--who doesn't love color, especially in big chunks? It's like eating a milkshake with enormous hunks of butterfinger in there. Which, actually, is a point of contention between my adorable husband and myself. He prefers his milkshakes to be smooth, flavored ice cream. Me? I want them to be a crunchy, chunky food group.

I know. It's a huge marital compromise when we have to share a milkshake. Frankly, it's a miracle we've made it almost ten years together. But there are solutions to every problem, and this obstacle in our marriage is no different: Fortunately for us, we both firmly believe that sharing ice cream is for wimps, and we get our own.

Problem solved. Not to brag, but I think we're masters in diplomacy. It's a shame we're not in politics. And also a shame that politicians don't deal in ice cream.

So. Solid color-blocking. Awesome and all, but this girl [Editor's note: Two thumbs pointing backwards at myself] loves prints. Solution? Block together prints of the same color. Which, when that color happens to be a greenish blue like what dominates this ensemble, doubles as a costume for a walking piece of seaweed. Total win-win. 

 Happy Monday.

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