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Sunday, August 21, 2011

a wide belt and some knee-high socks

 shoes & socks: don't recall. skirt: gap. shirt: gift/secondhand. necklace: forever21. belt: kohl's. bracelet & earrings: hawaii.
 And an early Christmas present to you all: a little photo I like to call "Most Awkward Outtake EVER"...drumroll please...
This week I'm grateful for:

- family reunions.
- food at family reunions.
- relaxing afternoons at a beach, including a short swim in the waves and a cuddle with my tired toddler and a riveting book in my hands.
- freedom and peace and safety. I've been reading "Unbroken," which you should all rush out to your local libraries and/or bookstores and pick up and read. It's fascinating, appalling, amazing, life-changing.
- sunglasses.
- summertime sleeping in...drawing to a close too swiftly...
- fly swatters.
- my now-3-year-old Little Miss Independent. She is one unique duck, and my husband and I adore her.
- air conditioning.
- night swimming and watching my kid experience the exhilaration of jumping off the diving board time and time and time and time again.
- having a waffle iron, waffle batter, and a fresh batch of huckleberry syrup all at the same time and place. As in, this morning, my kitchen. Mmmmm...

Happy Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Love those white knee socks.

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