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Monday, February 27, 2012

HomeStyle: Vintage Button Art

Inspired by this post (and every other post on her blog, let's be honest) and having been given many vintage buttons from my mom (and my MIL's having a fine collection useful for filling in the color gaps), I decided to make a piece of vintage button art for the nursery.

 I had an old, ugly frame with an old, ugly rooster pic attached directly to it. Perfect. After a quick spray painting and light distressing of the frame, it was ready to go.

My kids helped me pick out the buttons. Since it was going into the nursery, my girls thought the baby would most appreciate a rainbow formation. Easy enough. I spray-adhesed (awesome verb) some old burlappy cotton fabric over the ugly rooster art and, after spreading out all the buttons on the floor to get the layout right, I began gluing them to the framed fabric.

To me, few things beat heirloom buttons. So much diversity and strangeness and awesomeness in the buttons' design and colors.


I did add some contrasting thread to some of the simpler buttons, just for interest... and because I'm addicted to pairing red with aqua these days.

I really like how it turned out. I can sit and study this thing for a long time, because the buttons themselves are so interesting individually and collectively. And I like the textural contrast of the organic cotton fabric.

Overall, I think it's perfect art for a nursery corner where, let's face it, many hours upon hours are going to be spent. Plus, total cost: $free$. Sweetness.

Happy Monday!

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